We all know that if you are a performer in the adult industry, then one of the main social media platforms (other than Snapchat) that you really should be active on is Twitter.

Twitter allows adult content (with a warning) which makes it easy for TS pornstars such as melody to push out their content and grow a big following in the process.

Teaser of Melody Monae on Twitter

Follow Melody Monae On Twitter

Melody is very active on her social media accounts, and her twitter account is no exception, posting her latest and greatest cum clips, as well as her schedule for when she will be performing on webcam for her friends.

With almost 100k followers, and a link to her OnlyFans page in her bio, you can follow Melody Monae on Twitter here

As you can see from Melody’s twitter feed, she gets a lot of attention on the XXX rated content that she regularly posts, also she loves the attention and can be seen replying and engaging with her followers on a daily basis.

So shoot your luck, give her a tweet, you maybe one of the lucky fans that gets a reply from her.

Clip Of Monae Porn Video On Twitter

Melody’s XXX Twitter Feed

Like all pornstars that are on this platform, Melody loves to post herself in sexual acts, such as masturbating in front of the camera for all her Twitter followers to see.

This gives her existing fans a reminder of why they followed this beautiful TS cam girl, it also gives people, whos first time seeing Melody a feel for what she is all about.

On a daily basis we will see Melody’s beautiful tanned goddess like body being posted on her account, wether it is out with friends fully dressed, or in her room getting ready to perform for her fans, giving a little teaser.

But posting porn content is not all that Melody users Twitter for, she also likes to post updates about her life, up coming events, or just likes to chat with her followers.

Below you can see a snippet from her feed, where she just likes to enjoy herself away from the spotlight of being a professional famous cam girl.

Snippet of melody monaes tweets

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