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If you are an avid porn viewer, or just occasionally like to have a browse on your favourite adult star for any new content, then you have probably realised that the social media most used by pornstars to engage with their viewers and fans, is Snapchat.

Melody Taking A Cute Selfie On Snapchat

Why Do Pornstars Use Snapchat?

Snapchat is a great social media platform to quickly publish short form content, it is like Twitter with little restrictions and after a certain amount of time (or once viewed in private) the content will disappear.

The platform has become so big in the adult industry, that you can find almost all pornstars on their posting thier lewd pictures and videos.

With recent events happening around the world, the number of people downloading and signing up for a Snapchat account grew at an unbelievable rate.

With Melody Monae, its not exception. From cheeky dick pics, to short clips of her masturbating and ejaculating, this is the type of content that you will find from her.

So if you are one of the many people in the world that love to admire a chick with a dick, it would be a big miss, by not adding this beauty on snap.

Snapchat Filter On Melody Selfie

Screenshot to add Melody Monae on Snapchat

Unlike other adult stars that use the snap platform, melody likes to get snaps directly and engage with her audience and fans.

On her page you will see the latest from her every day life, going out with friends, hanging out or getting down and dirty before and after her hot cam shows.

If this is the type of content you are looking for, then it should go without saying that you should screenshot the code below and add Melody Monae on Snapchat

Melody Monae Snapchat Code

If you are lucky enough like a handful of her fans, she might even respond to your private messages, but if she don’t, do not spam her, just enjoy the sexiness that she offers and respect her boundaries.

Hot Content From Melody Monae’s Snapchat and Social Media

On this page we will supply some of the hottest posts that Melody has made on Snapchat account over the years since creating one.

If these type of pictures and videos are something that you would like to see more, then we recommend you check back often as we will be keeping this page up to date.

Not only will you be able to see all the dirty work that Melody gets up to, but she also posts about her daily life out of the adult industry, such as cooking and going out with friends.

Clean Monae Selfie

Sexual Snapchat Stories

As mentioned, Melody does not post x-rated content exclusively, she likes to post all-sorts.

Below is a short clip from her story where she is showing her beautiful body off in new lingerie that she has purchase.

Lying there in front of a mirror, smiling and showing off her enhanced breasts in her new see-through lingerie.

This alone is enough to keep anyone coming back to check her stories for more.

Melody Taking a selfie wearing see-through lingerie

Sexy Selfie From Melody On Snapchat

Going Fully Nude On Snap

There is no denying that a lot of people love Melody Monae because of her having such a feminine body, yet still packing a massive surprise.

You truly do get the best of both worlds with this TS queen.

Below are a couple of clips where Melody gets fully naked for her Snapchat sotry, even hitting the camera with penis.

We can only image how enjoyable it would be hitting our faces with that.

This clip she is showing off the size of her toy between her legs, and to no surprise, its still amazing.

Slowing moving the phone up her body to reveal her perky enhanced breasts, making her every guys dream.

Melodys Cute Story Posts

Melody sure does like to keep her fans up to date on her activity, from posting cute snaps to showing her having fun with her friends.

Just check how cute she looks using the dog filter on Snapchat.

Keep up to date with what Melody has been up to through the day, here is just a quick shot of her walking around the mall, taking snaps and enjoying her time with friends.

She still looks magnificent in her every day clothes, especially this long black dress.

Will You Be Adding On Snapchat?

So with all that being said and shown, all the clips from cute times with friends, to fully blown naked XXX clips, will you be following her on Snapchat?

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