Melody Monae is a very famous ebony transsexual cam girl, that has been in the adult entertainment industry for many years and and has seen a huge rise in popularity and her fan base as the years go by.

Here at we are going to share all the latest and greatest from this beautiful black shemale, from her xrated pictures to her newest videos, and of course, her explicit cam shows that she loves to do for her fans and viewers.

Melody Monae Wearing A Dress

Melody Monae Biography

If you are into trans ebony girls, or just like the best of both worlds, then you have probably already seen (and watched) content from this beautiful babe already.

Coming from a father who is a white Italian, and a mother that is a black American, it gave Melody the sexy mixed raced skin.

Melody never went to higher education after high school, instead she went straight into retail work, as she described transitioning from a male to a female cost more than what she expected.

Monae describes that she has always felt that she was a female, and claims that at the age of 13 she started searching about what a transsexual is, shortly after she herself started her transition at the age of 14 by wearing makeup and dressing as a female. Though, she did not start hormones until the age of 21.

Melody Taking A Selfie

At first, her family was not that supportive, with her father saying that he wished she had started her transition after school, not during school. Although they was not the most supportive during this time of Melody’s life, she did not care what they thought and carried on with her incredible transition.

At the young age of 18, Melody had been thinking about trying out doing webcam shows on platforms such a chaturbate and myfreecams to raise more money for work on her becoming a female, it wasnt until a close friend of hers told her about the benefits of becoming a famous webcam star in the adult business.

After her debut webcam show, she seemed to enjoy it and really engage with her audience, which really grew over just a short period of time.

Performing On webcam

Connect With Miss Monae

If there is one thing that makes Melody so unique, its the way that she likes to engage with her viewers and her fanbase.

She is not the stuck up type of popular performer that once the show ends she becomes a ghost, no, melody seems to reply to her tweets, snaps and DM’s as much as she can.

Here you can check out some of Melodys best videos and pictures, or feel free to reach out to her on her social accounts below:

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Whats Next For Melody Monae?

Although Melody is already very famous in the adult industry as a webcam model and performer, we are yet to see any big pornographic movies staring this ebony beauty.

She has previously stated in interviews that she may want to try adult movies in the future, but is currently happy where she is in her career as a cam girl.

Fans Love Melody Monae